Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fairy Furniture

It wouldn't be fair for me to tell you how to make a "fairy door" without showing you how to make some fairy furniture to add to your garden as well! These tables and chairs are super easy and quick to make and, like most of my favorite crafts, they can be made with things you already have! 

Materials needed:
-bottle caps
-little sticks and twigs
-hot glue gun and glue

First, have your kids help you collect sticks out of your yard and select some colorful bottle caps. (Bottle caps are another item we hoard in our house...they can be used for so many crafts!)

Using your scissors, cut a stick into four equal pieces...each about an inch long. These will be the legs of your chair.

Turn a bottle cap upside down and glue the four legs into place. You can either put the glue onto the leg and push it into the bottle cap, or put the glue directly onto the cap and push the stick in. Whichever method you decide on, make sure you do it quickly so the chair legs are super-secure!

Cut two more sticks, about an inch and a half to two inches long. These ones do not have to be exactly equal in length or straight! Cut two or three more sticks about an inch in length.

These sticks will resemble a ladder-back chair. One by one, glue the inch-long sticks to the longer ones, attaching the two. (Easier to see in the pictures below than to explain!) I prefer the small, horizontal sticks to be a little crooked...gives the chair more character!

Once all the sticks are attached and the glue has dried, flip the chair over and decide which side will be the front and which will be the back. Glue the back of the chair to the seat with two more dots of glue. All done!!!

If you've made the chair, the table is super easy...essentially it's a back-less chair!

I just love the color and character the bottle caps give the fairy furniture! Have fun playing with this one! They are so quick and easy to make, you might as well make a few for your neighbor's garden as well. 


  1. I love the whole style of your DIY plant stand!It looks pretty and amazing!DIY plant stand making tutorial.

  2. What a wonderful diy project! More creative ideas can be found here: https://www.dearlives.com/

  3. I love this idea. So adorable! To be honest, what caught my eye was your bottle caps. Sierra Nevada DOES have the best color variety with their bottle caps. :-) (I live near the one in Chico, CA)
    I will definitely be doing this project with the kids next door. :-)

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