Sunday, March 15, 2015

Egg Carton Flower Wreath

Can you believe this beautiful Spring wreath was made primarily out of egg cartons!?! I just love the outcome! I've wanted to make an EGG CARTON FLOWER WREATH for years! Last year we tried it, using tempera paints, but the colors weren't nearly as vibrant. I highly suggest using acrylics for this project. Our EGG CARTON FLOWER WREATH hangs inside Our Beautifully Messy House, as we await the first blooms of spring flowers outside in our garden!

Materials needed:
-3 egg cartons
-med-large cardboard piece
-sharp scissors (fabric scissors)
-acrylic paints
-hot glue gun and glue

First, cut the egg cartons into flower shapes. Get creative! The pointy, divider sections can be used to make narrow flowers or daffodil trumpets and the lids of the egg cartons can be cut into leaves.

After all your flowers are cut, time to paint with your little ones! L and I painted side-by-side...when she was finished with a flower or bored with a color, I'd let her start on another one while I filled in any spots she may missed. After all the flowers were painted a solid color, I went back and painted on some details! Although the flowers look great in solid colors, the details really bring them to life...worth the extra 30 minutes of painting!

To make your wreath base, use some large mixing bowls to trace circles onto your cardboard and cut it out. I used two separate pieces of cardboard and just taped them together. Once your wreath base is cut out, give it a quick coat of green paint. 

Next, using a hot glue gun, glue the leaves onto your wreath base randomly. 

After the leaves are in place, glue the flowers on. Try to space the colors out, but don't think too much about order. In nature, nothing is perfect and the imperfections themselves are beautiful!

Hang your wreath on a door, a wall or in your kitchen window! Enjoy!!!


  1. Yes, it was such fun to make this with Ainsley!

  2. This is such a fun and original way to use egg carton flowers! I have featured it on my website hope you are happy for me to do so! Keep up the great work.