Sunday, April 12, 2015

DIY Flower Fairies

I first made FLOWER FAIRIES with my youngest sister when we were kids. They are just so sweet, I couldn't wait to make them again with my girls! L and I made these fairies this past week and we plan on making more tomorrow...I'm thinking garlands, magnets, and of course, just flower fairy dolls for playing pretend! 

Materials needed:
-florist wire
-fabric flowers
-wooden beads
-other beads (wooden, plastic; colorful, plain)
-acrylic paint
-embroidery thread
-hot glue gun and glue

First, paint simple, little faces on your wooden beads.

While your beads dry, take the artificial flowers apart. All you'll need is the fabric petals. If you have any tiny flowers, set them aside to use for head decorations. 

Cut a 14-inch piece of wire, and an 8-inch piece of wire. Fold the 14-inch piece in half. 

With the smaller piece, bring both ends towards the center and twist the wire, leaving a little loop on each side for the fairy's "hands." Set aside.

Select the colors of embroidery thread you'd like to use for the fairy's hair. Wrap the thread around all four of your fingers.

Place your looped, embroidery thread into the fold of the 14-inch piece of wire. Twist the wire, once to secure it in place. 

Next, thread a "head" onto the wires (the large wire folded in half), followed by a couple small or medium-sized flowers.

Take the small wire piece (already folded and twisted into arms) and place it under the flowers, but in-between the two wires. If you like, you can fold each arm over once to secure the arms in place a little more. 

Next, thread a bead onto the wire, followed by 2, 3, or more large flower petals. 

At this point, separate the long wires into two legs. Fold each one in half and twist the wire, leaving a little loop on each end for the fairy's "feet."

Time to style some hair! You can twist the hair and glue it on top the fairy's head. You can simply cut the thread loops and let it hang wild and free. Get creative with it!

To finish each flower fairy, glue a small flower on top of the hair. Too cute!!! 

To host a tea party for your flower fairies, be sure to check out our "It's Tea Time! Tea Party Ideas" page! 

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