Thursday, May 28, 2015

DIY Pool Toys / DIY Bath Toys

With the pools opening last weekend and the last day of school yesterday, Summertime is here!!! These are some fun DIY POOL TOYS that take just minutes to make. We like to throw ours around, splat them on the pavement and L likes to soak hers in water, then draw with it on the pavement. If you don't have a pool nearby, just fill up some buckets of water, toss in these fun and funky toys and play a wet and refreshing game of catch in the backyard. So much fun! (Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for some other DIY POOL TOY ideas too!)

Materials needed:
-3 sponges
-1 elastic hair band

First, cut the sponges long-ways into 3 equal sections.

Next, stack them up.

And lastly, tie a hair band around the pile. 

Too easy and so much fun!!!

Other fun and easy pool toy ideas? 
A large paintbrush! Your kids will have a blast painting with water on the pool deck or even outside on the sidewalk.

We love playing with these sensory bottles in the water too! Both the "baby sensory bottles" and the "sparkle bottles" are fun to bounce around. They are quick and easy to make and are fantastic pool toys for the little ones!


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  2. Great DIY! I found some toys over at www.Splash.Toys that you may be interested in checking out

  3. Nice DIY. Kids love to play with toys while bathing. I recently brought some bath toys for my kids. They have some amazing colorful designs on them and are not harmful at all.