Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Giant Bubble Wands and a Homemade Bubble Solution Recipe

Did you ever make these GIANT BUBBLES when you were a kid? My siblings and I loved making them way back when! Recently, we had a bubble kit given to us with a wand included, but it was too big for L to do on her own...so, of course, I had to brainstorm and make a wand she could use as well! The best part about it was we already had all the materials we needed. If you don't have two rulers to use, two large mixing spoons or spatulas would probably work great too...anything with a hole at the end of the handle. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom for the HOMEMADE BUBBLE SOLUTION RECIPE. It's better than any store-bought variety and takes only a minute to make!

Materials Needed:
-2 plastic rulers
-yarn, 3-6 feet long
-binder ring, shower curtain ring, or a keychain ring
-homemade bubble solution (See below)

First, cut the string to suit your size...the shorter the person, the shorter the string! 

Next, thread the ring onto the string and tie both ends together with an overhand knot.

Thread a loop of yarn through the hole on one end of a ruler. Bring the loop up and over the opposite end of the ruler and pull it tight. (See pictures.)

Attach the other ruler the same way, leaving about 1 to 2 feet of yarn between the two rulers.

With the bubble solution in a large bowl or container, gently lower the yarn into the liquid. Make sure the yarn is soaked through. 

Next, carefully lift the yarn out of the bubble solution. Slowly and steadily, spread the rulers apart while walking backwards. If there is a breeze, make sure the wind is blowing on your back. 

To close the ginormous bubble, carefully bring the rulers together again. So cool!!!


-warm water
-dish soap

-measuring cup
-Tablespoon measuring spoon
-medium bowl or container

Put one Tablespoon of sugar into your bowl or container. Pour 200 ml of warm water on top of the sugar and mix until all the sugar is dissolved. Add 50 ml of dish soap (30 ml if using ultra dish-washing detergent) and mix. Finally, add 300 ml of warm water to the mixture and mix.

That's it! This bubble solution is the best we've ever made! 

Have fun!!!

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