Monday, July 20, 2015

5 Rainy Day, Bouncy Ball Games

It wasn't a "rainy day" here today, but it might as well have been! L was having fun, being a kid, over the weekend and ended up with stitches in her, no swimming for the week while temps are in the upper 90s. Yuck! We had a ball this morning though (every pun intended) playing with a little, sparkly bouncy ball and some paper cups...kept us entertained for hours! You really could play these games anytime and just about anywhere!

Materials needed:
-bouncy ball
-paper cups

Game #1 (our favorite!): Catch the Ball
This can be a one person game or multi-person game. 
One person drops the ball, bouncing it on the ground, and everyone tries to catch it in their cup. This is a great activity for little ones to learn and practice hand-eye coordination!

Game #2: Find the Ball
This game can be played various ways. You can perform the classic challenge, where you hide the ball under one of three cups and move them all around. The other person watches and then guess which cup the ball is underneath.  Or, you can have 5 or 6 cups laid out, upside down. One person turns their back on the game, while the other person hides the ball under a cup. It's fun to move the cups around into various shapes and patterns as well, while hiding the ball. 

Game #3: Stack and Find
Take turns stacking the cups and hiding the ball inside. The other person is left to guess which cup the ball is in.

Game #4: Bounce into the Cup
Put the cups out onto the floor. Take turns tossing or bouncing the ball, trying to get it into a cup. Getting it into a cup isn't too hard, but doing it gently enough so the cup stays upright is!

Game #5: Hungry, Hungry Hippos
Sit facing each other, with your feet touching, making a diamond-shape with your legs. Drop the ball, bouncing it in front of both players. Each person tries to cover up the ball, catching it underneath a cup. This game reminded me of "Hungry, Hungry Hippos"...hence the name. Enjoy!

What other games do your kids like to play involving bouncy balls? 

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