Monday, October 13, 2014

DIY Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins

This pumpkin craft is one of the simplest and sweetest of the season.  It's not only cute for Halloween, but you can keep it up all the way through to Thanksgiving. The "mason-jar-lid pumpkin" could even be used to brighten up your Thanksgiving table centerpiece...your guests will adore it!

Materials needed:
-about 20 mason jar lids (found in the grocery store)
-glitter spray paint (orange, gold, silver)
-cord or string
-cinnamon sticks
-decorative, floral wire (optional)

Outside or in a well-ventilated area, lay all the lids out on a flat surface. Spray half the lids with the orange spray paint, a quarter of them gold and the last quarter silver. (You can always change up your colors and do something different than what I did...all orange, all gold, no's up to you!)

Let the lids dry overnight. Next, cut a piece of string about 2-3 feet long. Thread all your lids on the string, making sure they all face the same direction. 

Pull the string tight and then tie a double-knot to secure the mason jar lids. 

Move the lids around, arranging them into a pumpkin shape. Place 6 or 7 cinnamon sticks in the center for the pumpkin stem and (optional) add a curlicue of florist wire. 

How cute is that!? And easy too! Now that I've made one for our house, I'll be making a few more this week to give away as gifts. Enjoy! 

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