Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Leaf "Glitter" Art

As the girls and I were crunching our way through leaves this week, this leaf "glitter" project came to mind. The leaves in our neighborhood are changing yet again...this time from their vibrant reds and oranges to dried-up, crunchy browns. No fear though, we can get one more craft out them!

Materials Needed:
-crunchy leaves
-paper (look in the recycling basket first!) 
-white glue
-a small container or bowl

First, crumble the leaves into the tiniest pieces possible and collect them in a small dish. 

Next, draw a Fall picture on the paper with the white glue. Feel free to draw some for your little ones, but let them scribble a glue picture too! 

Now, as you would do with glitter, sprinkle the leaf dust all over the glue. This was definitely L's favorite part.

Once the glue is all covered, gently shake the excess leaf "glitter" off and reveal your masterpiece! 

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