Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No-Bake Acorn Treats

I've been making these ACORN TREATS for Thanksgiving for a few years now. I wish I remembered the source where I originally saw them to give the right person credit...somewhere on this big internet universe! I usually pack my ACORN TREATS into little jars and give them away to family and friends on Thanksgiving day. They are so simple to make and everyone always gobbles them up immediately...I think I'd be in trouble if I came to Thanksgiving dinner without them anymore! 

-Hershey Kisses (dark and original)
-Nutter Butter Bites
-mini chocolate chips
-chocolate frosting (in a pouch or in a can)

First, to make things go quicker, prepare your work station by taking the Kisses out of their wrappers, putting the mini-chocolate chips in a lil bowl and spreading out some Nutter Butter Bites nearby.

Put a little dab of chocolate frosting on one side of the Nutter Butter Bites and push a Hershey Kiss into place. (This is the perfect time for little hands to help!)

Put a teeny, tiny dab of chocolate frosting on the opposite side and push a mini-chocolate chip in place. 

Presto! Too easy, right?

Place them in a little mason jar, tie a string or ribbon around the top and you have a sweet little gift to share! Enjoy!

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