Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sensory Bottles for Baby

I've made sensory bottles for L before, filled with colored water, glue and glitter or colored water and oil, but I don't know why we never made SENSORY BOTTLES FOR BABIES until now. Babies and toddlers both love them! 

The water-filled bottles are fun to look at, but too heavy for WB to really handle safely. Making these SENSORY BOTTLES FOR BABIES was a terrific tactile activity for L, and WB seems to love shaking and playing with the bottles. Not only are they fun to play with around the house and in the car, but sensory bottles make great bath toys too! 

Materials needed:
-small, plastic bottles with lids
-any of the following: pom-poms, feathers, sequins, straws, ribbon, cereal, dyed rice, etc.

Making the bottles is pretty self-explanatory... Remove the label from the bottle. Fill with small, colorful items. Glue the lid shut. 

As always, never leave infants unattended with toys, especially if it includes small items. You can never be too safe! Enjoy!!!

Have you seen our DIY Baby Play Area yet??? These bottles would be a great addition! 

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