Tuesday, December 9, 2014

DIY Soap Crayons

Here's another fun craft for your kids to help make and to play with...L had a ball with her DIY SOAP CRAYONS! They're a little different than the bath crayons you'll find at the store...these ones wash off the bath and shower walls easily with water. L likes to color with these ones in the shower before I turn the water on, then she makes a nice soapy, colorful mess once the water is on. They're fun for coloring on your skin too...just add warm water and it washes right off! 

Materials needed:
-bar of white soap
-cheese grater
-food coloring
-2 to 4 tablespoons hot water
-fork and spoon
-ice cube tray, muffin tin, paper cups or candy mold

First, grate the bar of soap into a large bowl. Grate the entire bar, making about 2 cups of soap shavings.

Add 2-4 tablespoons of hot tap water to the soap and mix-mash with a fork or spoon. Continue mixing until the soap has formed a semi-liquid consistency without any big lumps. 

Spoon the soap into your molds. Add about 5 drops of food coloring to each one and mix carefully with a spoon. We found that a baby spoon worked great for this step!

Once your soap crayons are all mixed and colorful, carefully push the soap down evenly into the molds. Set them aside to dry for a full week. 

After a week has passed and the crayons have hardened, carefully turn the molds over and pop the crayons out. If their underside is still a little soft, let them finish drying for a few more hours. 

(We saved all the little colorful crumbs too...added to a bubble bath or some shaving cream, they will make a beautiful rainbow mess!) 

Now for the fun part...time to color and play with your own homemade soap crayons!!! Enjoy!!!

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