Saturday, December 6, 2014

Thumbprint Christmas Lights Gifts

I'm super-excited about how easy these THUMBPRINT CHRISTMAS LIGHTS were to do and how cute the finished products turned out! L and I made pictures for her grandparents and this adorable little onsie for her baby sister. I think we'll be making more of these shirts this coming for L and some for her friends too. The THUMBPRINT CHRISTMAS LIGHTS are just too cute! 

Materials needed (shirts):
-acrylic paints
-cardboard (old cereal box works)
-Sharpie marker, black

Materials needed (card or picture):
-acrylic paints
-Sharpie marker, black

First, when making prints onto clothing, put a piece of cardboard up through the middle of the shirt. A collapsed cereal box works great for little ones. This will keep any of the paint or marker from seeping through to the other side.

Next, draw a curly line across the shirt with the black Sharpie. 

With the paint, help your little one make thumbprints along the line. The thumbprints shouldn't all touch the line, though it's okay if a few do. 

Once the paint has dried completely, go back with the Sharpie and draw 2, 3, or 4 lines under each thumbprint to make them look like a string of Christmas lights. 

So stinkin' cute! Huh? WB approves!

To make a Christmas card or picture, simply do the same on a piece of card stock paper. 

What else could you put THUMBPRINT CHRISTMAS LIGHTS on? A tablecloth, napkins, a small board of wood, little boy's pants, boxer shorts for dad, ball many possibilities!!! Enjoy!

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