Thursday, August 21, 2014

2-Ingredient Gooey Dough

L and I are always looking for new play dough recipes, so when I came across this one I just knew we had to make it! We call it "Gooey Dough" because it's so stringy, smooth, and gooey! It feels good to squish through your fingers and fun to strrrrreeeeeetch as long as you can!

Materials needed: 
-1 to 1 1/2 cups, hair conditioner 
-2 cups, cornstarch 

Using a large mixing bowl, put both ingredients together and mix, mix, squish, mix! 

I have to admit that after about a minute, I thought this was the messiest, worst play dough ever made...BUT as I washed my hands, L kept squishing it together and a couple minutes later we had this wonderful concoction!!! I'm so glad she kept at it, because Gooey Dough has become one of our favorites! L has played with it for hours, day after day. 

You can add some food coloring if you like or toss in some glitter, but we were happy with the Gooey Dough the way it's so white, smooth and the conditioner gives the whole kitchen a fresh scent! It's truly the most luscious dough we've ever made!

By day two, I came up with a couple tips...

-Store the dough in a sealed plastic bag or storage container (I've read that it keeps for months).
-It's best for your kids to take their clothes off to play or wear a smock shirt! It can get messy fast!
-This dough just asks to be squished all around, so tape down a plastic/silicone chopping mat on the table or work surface. 

Get messy and have fun!!!

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