Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sensory Bags

These bags are great for babies to play with and are a nice calming activity for bigger kids...heck, I even have a hard time walking by one without squishing it! They always feel so cool to the touch! We made ours pretty simple, but you can always embellish yours a bit by throwing some glitter in or some flat foam shapes. 

Materials needed:
-Ziplock quart-size bags
-alcohol wipe
-hair gel
-food coloring
-clear packaging tape

First, use the alcohol wipe to easily remove the Ziplock logo from the bag.

Next, squirt about a cup of hair gel into the bag.

Then add a few drops of food coloring. If you're using glitter, throw that in too.

Seal the bag shut, making sure you leave little to no air in the bag. Squish the gel and food coloring together, adding more food coloring if you'd like a deeper color. 

Reinforce all the edges of the bag with the packaging tape, especially the top, ensuring that the bag won't split at its seams letting the gel-food coloring mixture out. All done!

WB likes to squish the bags on the kitchen floor, while L likes me to tape hers to the window, letting the sun shine through. As with most toys, you should never leave your baby alone with the sensory can never be too safe! Enjoy! 

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