Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DIY Cardboard Tube Bracelets and Watches

This is one of those things that I threw together while fixing breakfast one morning. L has a little craft corner, just a chair pulled up to the kitchen counter, next to where we cook and prep food. She was just looking for something to get into on this particular morning, so I pulled some tubes out of our recycling basket, cut them in half and gave her some markers. L doesn't use markers very often, so when she does get to use them for a craft she is THRILLED and works for at least 30 min to an hour!

Materials needed:
-old paper towel or toilet paper tubes
-markers (or paint)

Other optional embellishments:
-jewels, sequins
-macaroni noodles
-duct tape
-hot glue gun and glue

 The first step, is to make one cut up the side of the tube. Then cut the tube in half or into pieces, depending on how wide you want the bracelet.

Next, have your kids color the tubes. As you can see here, it was easiest for L to color hers while it was curled around a bottle of paint. A banana or thin rolling pin would work great too! 

After the tubes are colored you can glue on any embellishments that you have on hand. L is only 2, so her coloring is basically scribbling...the poof-balls and jewels give her scribbling bracelets a little more bling.

Depending on the brand and type of cardboard tube you are using, you can always make the bracelets more secure with some snazzy duct tape too! Our toilet paper rolls were plenty sturdy, but paper towel rolls were thinner and weaker and needed a little support! 

And don't think this craft is just for girls! Guys can certainly wear bracelets! What Dad wouldn't want a cardboard tube watch? It'd make a fun lil addition to a Father's Day gift or birthday gift. 

Have fun making something out of nothing! 

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