Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stick Shapes Game

Do your kids do this? Lately L makes shapes and pictures with everything stick-like...markers, crayons, toothpicks, straws, hot glue gun sticks, chopsticks, everything! It's a great learning activity though and can be a lot of fun! It's also something you all can play anywhere at any time...think restaurant, waiting forever for dinner to come...

-anything stick-like

L always initiates this game, usually by making triangles and squares. 


We do some letters. 

Make some careful, this one bites!

Sometimes I tell L which shape to build. Other times we can take turns building shapes, having the other person guess what it is. I made this one and L proclaimed, "Like a stop sign!"

And still, other times we make pictures and shapes together.

You can also practice colors and counting with this game too. It's so simple, yet so much fun for a two year old or older! Sometimes simple really is best. What little games like this does your family play?

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