Thursday, January 8, 2015

DIY Fairy Folk

L and I made these FAIRY FOLK this morning and she's been playing with them all day long! She loves them!!! L has made up a house, a bed, a car for them...a phone, bathtub, table and chairs, a crib and even a change of clothes! Tomorrow we shall have a "Fairy Tea Party" in their honor. The fun never stops around here!

Materials needed:
-wooden peg people
-acrylic paints
-felt or fabric scraps
-hot glue gun and glue

First, paint the fairies' bodies.

Next, paint hair and eyes on the fairies. I tried to make each of ours a little different.

Then draw and cut a little fairy wing stencil. You can trace this on the felt or fabric before cutting out the wings. After a few, I just winged it! Ha! I liked having some big, some small. (Cut a few extras for fairy "outfits.")

To complete the fairies, attach the wings to the bodies using just a touch of glue with your hot glue gun. Now, time to play!!!

Our "Acorn Cap Treasures" were perfect for the fairy folk. As was the "Fairy Furniture" we made last Summer.

A toy teacup was just the right size for a bath and one of WB's socks made a roomy bed. 

The fairies also enjoyed skating on this melted-bead ice rink and, of course, driving in their jam jar car. 

A change of wings for the fairies...

I'll be sure to post our Fairy Tea Party details later this week so your lil ones can join in the fun! Enjoy! 

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