Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter Shelter for Strays

Though we don't own any furry pets ourselves, our neighborhood seems to have its own little cat community. On any given day we may have up to 5 or 6 cats playing in our yard, hiding under our front porch or napping beneath our Little Free Library. Some of the cats have collars and tags, though quite a few do not. With the temperatures dropping well below freezing, L and I decided to make a warm place for our kitty friends to rest. 

Materials needed:
-styrofoam cooler (found at your local grocery store)
-paints (optional)
-old towels or bedding

First, remove the lid and turn the cooler over. Using a knife, cut a small doorway for the cats to go in and out. Next, paint the cooler whatever snazzy way you like! 

Once the paint is dry, fold up some old towels or bedding (we cut up an old mattress pad) and place it inside the lid. 

Put the cooler on top of the lid and tape it in place. 

(My friend Helen takes this project a step further...she places the styrofoam cooler inside a plastic rubbermaid-like box with a hole cut out and layers hay in between! Extra warm and cozy!)

Now for the final step, find a safe place near your home to put your WINTER SHELTER FOR STRAYS, preferably up against a building and out of the wind. 

We put our Winter Shelter in our backyard where we often see cats passing through and, an extra bonus, we can see the shelter from our kitchen window. I know L will be watching for her feline friends first thing every morning! She was so proud today knowing she was helping others! 

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