Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DIY Heart Wreath

I'm so glad I dreamt this HEART WREATH up last's that time of year when your Christmas wreath needs to come down off the front door, but it's not quite time for your Spring wreath to go up. This HEART WREATH is cute, simple, sweet and perfect to get us through the months of January and February! 

Materials needed:
-wire coat hanger
-fabric scraps

First, untwist the coat hanger apart. It's easiest to do this part with your hands, holding the top of the hanger in one hand and untwisting it from below with the other. 

Once the hanger comes apart, try to smooth out some of the bends. Gently fold the hanger in half as well.

Next, bend the hanger into a heart shape, looping the ends together with the pliers. It's okay if your heart isn't perfect...the fabric scraps will hide any blemishes. 

Once you are satisfied with your wire heart, it's time to cut some fabric strips. Each strip should be about 1-1.5 inches wide and 5-7 inches long. They do not all have to be the exact same length!

Now to assemble your wreath...simply knot the fabric strips around the wire. Pull each knot taut and, every once in a while, push the knots down so you can squeeze on as many fabric strips as possible.

If the fabric you're using is blank on the underside, simply fold it in half before knotting.

Once your heart wreath is made, use a ribbon to hang it on your front door! So sweet!!! 

This wreath would also be beautiful hanging inside in a kitchen window or on a wall! Enjoy!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

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