Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Melted Crayon Rocks

I remember doing this craft as a kid and how much I loved it, so today I introduced MELTED CRAYON ROCKS to L. And of course, she loved making them as well!!! It was the perfect way to spend this snowy afternoon! 

This is definitely a craft to do with older kids, as the rocks get extremely hot! L was just old enough at 3 yrs of age. I constantly reminded her not to touch the rocks and kept a close eye at all times! 

Materials needed:
-tin foil
-towels, cardboard, or newspapers
-oven mitt or tongs

First, clean and dry the rocks if there's any dirt on them. Lay them out on a cookie sheet and place in the oven, set at 350 degrees F for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes I turned the oven off, leaving the rocks in there until we were ready to use them. I removed one rock at a time as we went along. 

As the rocks are heating up, remove the paper from some crayons. If you use a knife to carefully cut down the side of the paper, it comes off in one nice, big piece. Prepare your work area with towels, cardboard or newspapers beneath a sheet of tin foil. 

When you are ready to create, remove one rock at a time using an oven mitt or tongs. Obviously, be very don't want to burn yourself or have the rock fall, roll and burn anyone else. 

Gently press crayons onto the rock and watch the wax melt down the side. Sooo relaxing and mesmerizing!!! You can draw pictures, designs or make them completely random! It's a fun craft to experiment with! 

MELTED CRAYON ROCKS would make sweet little gifts for family and friends...a fun surprise to leave in your neighbor's garden or on their front steps! I think we'll be making more this coming month to hand out on Valentine's Day, because LOVE ROCKS!!! Enjoy!!!

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