Wednesday, March 25, 2015

April Fools' Jokes to Play on Your Kids, Spouse and Coworkers!!!

APRIL FOOLS' DAY is just around the corner! What a delightful day of the year -- one of my favorites!!! Many of these harmless pranks are quick to throw together and result in silly fun and laughter had by all! Enjoy!

For Little Kids:
1. Fill your little ones' shoes with buttons, beads or poof balls. 

2. Stick googlie eyes and mustaches on pictures and objects around your house...cups, the front door, bathroom mirror, backpacks, shoes.

3. Serve your kids food on teeny, tiny, doll dishes.

4. Switch your kid's socks with your spouse's the night before April Fools' Day. 

5. If the head of your sink faucets are removable, unscrew the head and place an Easter Egg dying tablet inside. Screw the head back on. When the kids turn on the sink, orange, blue or green water will come rushing out! 

For Teenagers or Your Spouse:
6. Take an empty water bottle and using a pin, poke 10 holes in the bottom. Fill the bottle with water and quickly screw the lid back on. Dry off the bottle. Ask somebody to help you open the bottle and watch as water falls out the bottom!

7. Using safety pins, pin all their underwear together in one long line. Carefully replace the underwear back in their drawer, so when they go to remove the top pair the next comes out too, and the next, and the next, and the next...

8. Short-sheet their beds -- Remove all the sheets from the bed. Using one sheet, lay it out over the bed and tuck it in at the top. Fold the bottom of the sheet up to the top and tuck the sides in. Cover with their quilt or comforter. The bed looks normal from the outside, but when they get into bed their feet will only go in halfway! 

9. If their bed is messy, unmade or lumpy, put a bristly hair brush into their bed. When your kids feet touch the brush, it'll feel like a prickly animal or giant bug!

10. If your spouse is heading to the grocery store, add some "extras" to list: 2 lbs of banana peels, a dozen robin's eggs, 1 loaf of bread crumbs.

For Coworkers:
11. Write "April Fool!" on a sticky note. Stick it to the bottom of your coworker's computer mouse. Not only will the mouse not work, when they flip it over, perplexed, your message will be delivered. 

12. If you're wearing a blazer to work, take a spool of thread and thread a needle onto the end of the string. Poke the needle through near the shoulder of your jacket, from inside out. Remove the needle, leaving a couple inches of string showing on your jacket. Place the spool of thread in the inner-pocket. Just wait for your coworker to notice and remove the string for you...then wait for the horrified look on their face as the string pulls longer and longer and longer!

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