Sunday, March 1, 2015

Homemade Butter in a Jar

Have you ever been to a restaurant that along with fresh, baked bread served homemade butter? It's the smoothest, fluffiest, creamiest butter you've ever tasted and truly, nothing compares to it! Now you can make your own at home in only 10 minutes! This afternoon L and I made HOMEMADE BUTTER IN A JAR and it was so easy, so delicious, I may never buy butter from the store again!

Ingredients/Materials needed:
-heavy cream

While I made butter in a jar, L made some in a small plastic container with a screw-on lid...perfect for little hands!

First, fill your jar half-way with heavy cream. Add a clean marble and screw the lid on tight. The marble speeds up the process, churning the butter a little quicker, but you can make butter with just a jar too!

Next, shake, shake, shake! Shake the jar for a full 10 minutes! After about 5 minutes, the contents will be thick like whipping cream.

Continue to shake! If you get bored, turn some music on and dance while you shake! As the cream turns to butter, you'll hear the marble clanking less and less and eventually you won't hear it at all. 

Some people end up with thick butter at the bottom and a layer of liquid at top...if that happens, just pour the liquid off the top. That's the butter milk! Ours never separated and we ended up with just butter, through and through. Absolutely delicious, light and creamy butter! 

Spread on top of fresh, baked bread it could've been a meal in itself! I think next, we'll try making an herbed butter or homemade honey butter! Mmm... Enjoy!