Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Spy Bottle and Games

How many of you grew up loving the "Where's Waldo?" books by Martin Handford or the "I Spy" books by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick? My brothers, sisters and I adored them and now, L enjoys reading them too! The I SPY BOTTLE is very similar in principal and so much fun! It's a fully contained game...no pieces to lose or to pick up! We take our bottle with us to restaurants on occasion and always on long car trips. The I SPY BOTTLE would be great fun in a classroom too! Be sure to scroll down, after the "how to" I've shared a few ideas of games to play.

Materials needed:
-clear bottle with a wide mouth
-electrical tape
-lots of small objects

First, remove the label from your bottle and clean and dry it completely. Goo Gone always works great for removing any stickiness and label residue! Fill the bottle a little over halfway with white rice.

Next, drop your objects in. We used beads, a bouncy ball, a plastic ring, spoon, animal figures, a marble, dice, a stamp, buttons, a clothespin, a rubber band, a paperclip, a toy car, keys, a wine cork, and although pictured is a crayon, I switched it out with a paintbrush. I was afraid the crayon would melt if left in the car!

Once the rice and objects are inside the bottle, use electrical tape to seal the lid closed. You could always use super glue, but I was afraid a time would come that we'd want one of the objects locked inside! 

Now, time to shake your bottle up and play!!!

Different ways to play:
-Call out the color of an object..."I spy something green!"...and have the other person find it.
-Call out the function of an object..."I spy something that makes art!"..."A paintbrush!"
-Things that rhyme. "I spy something that rhymes with 'moon.'"..."Spoon!"
-If your children can read, you could make little cards that go along with the I SPY BOTTLE too. How perfect would that be for a long car ride? Easy entertainment! Enjoy!!!

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