Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Knuckle-Print Carrots

How cute are these KNUCKLE-PRINT CARROTS we made for Easter? They're not only fun to make with your little ones, but they make sweet gifts for parents and grandparents too!

Materials needed:
-orange and green paint
-little knuckles

Just a little note: Whenever doing projects like this, I like to have a sheet of paper to practice on first. Our practice paper is the big white one here, giving us lots of room to experiment with before making little Easter cards for the grandparents. 

First, paint your kid's knuckles orange. Have them stamp the paper with their knuckles. We found that it worked best if L was standing or on her knees doing this part, making sure she was well above the paper. 

Next, I marked each carrot lightly with a pencil, so we knew which side would be best to put the "leaves" on. 

Using your child's thumb or index finger, have them make little leaves atop each carrot. I had to help L with this you can see in the picture below, when left to do it alone, she was happy putting green dots all over her carrots! Ha! 

So sweet! Happy Spring!

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