Saturday, July 19, 2014

DIY Capes...Wizard Capes...Superhero Capes

Before I move on to any other posts, I thought I ought to share how to make a cape to go with your magical wand! Now this can be a wizard cape, a superhero cape, a cape for a child or an adult. 

Materials needed:
-jersey knit fabric
-ribbon (about 5 ft, depending on the size of the wizard)
-thread and needle
-sewing pins

First, you must determine whether you want a short or a long cape...both have equal flying abilities. Lay the fabric out on a flat surface and cut out the cape, a little wider at the bottom than the top. If you like, you can measure and draw the cape first...I just eyeballed it. Using knit fabric makes this a super easy craft because the edges will not fray and there is no need to hem the sides.

Next, lay the ribbon out along the top edge of the cape and pin it in place. If you know how to use a sewing machine, this next step should be quick and easy...if you want to do it by hand it is also fairly quick and easy. All you need is a simple, straight stitch across the top of the ribbon and one along the bottom.

Your cape is done! Too easy, right? If you want to add some embellishments...some beads or can sew them on as well. To make my nephew's cape extra wizardly for his birthday I sewed an owl in the middle. (See above, top photo.) 

I like to avoid tying anything around a child's neck, so to attach the cape put the ribbon over the shoulders, then back under the arms and tie it in the back. Off to flying school! 

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