Monday, July 14, 2014

Water Play

Have a lot of yard work to do this week? Want to keep your kids busy and cool while playing outside? Set up a water station! Whether it be dishes, a waterproof baby doll, a garden owl or a soccer ball, my kid LOVES washing things! 

Washing supplies:
-1 or 2 wash basins 
-empty soap dispenser filled with water (This is a must! It's L's favorite part!)
-wash cloth
-drying cloth
-old toothbrush
-shaving cream

Things to wash:
-dishes, utensils
-waterproof baby doll
-stuff out of the garden (rocks, soccer ball, garden owl, figurines they can't hurt)

First off, expect your kids to get wet...don't even try to tell them not to! I usually take L's shirt off and replace it with a smock shirt (one of my old shirts), or on a really hot day she just strips down to her diaper. Afterwards we just hose any excess soap off and, if the smock shirt happens to be covered in shaving cream, we roll that off too. 

The key to keeping your kids going with this activity is to NOT give them everything all at once. Start with a wash cloth, soap dispenser and a few dishes. About 20 minutes later, add in a fork and spoon. 5 minutes later say, "Hey, want a toothbrush to clean with? I'll get you one!" Look around the yard to see what else they can clean...that old, dirty gnome figurine could use a bath. Then, if all else fails, pull out the cheap can of shaving cream! 

This is a great activity to do after painting or playing in dirt...your kids will have never been so clean! 

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