Thursday, July 10, 2014

DIY No-Sew Teepee

What kid (or adult) doesn't like to play in a fort, tent or secret hideaway?! This teepee was so incredibly easy to make, I was able to construct it in about 5 minutes, just after the sun came up and before my girls awoke. Breakfast in a teepee anyone?

What you need

- 6 x 72 in. bamboo stakes ($3-$4 for a pack of 6 at Home Depot)
- twine
- 10-12 clothes pins 
- a large bed sheet (I used a king-sized one, queen would probably work too)

How to build your teepee:
First, arrange the stakes in a circle, pushing them about an inch or two into the ground. Leave one opening a little wider than the others, making room for the door.

Second, tie your twine in a knot around one bamboo stake. Gather the stakes at the top, one-by-one wrapping the twine in-and-out and around. (It's much harder to explain than it is to actually do!) After the last stake has been gathered and wrapped, tie a bow so it is easy to undo when your teepee is ready to come down.
Next, wrap the sheet around the teepee frame and clip a clothespin in the middle to secure it at the top.

Then, starting at the front and the top, clip the sheet to the stakes using the clothespins. Make sure you keep enough fabric up front for a "door." As you clip the tops of the stakes and the bottoms, smooth out the sheet and pull it taut. Tuck any excess fabric under at the bottom. 

And there you have it...a teepee in under $10 and under 10 minutes! Not only did L eat breakfast in her teepee, she read books, colored, and played with her dolls for HOURS! The teepee's been going up and down for a couple weeks's about time to put it away and out of sight for a couple months so it doesn't lose its luster. Perhaps we'll bring it out again this Autumn for a special lunch among the colorful falling leaves! 

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  1. This is our project for today, I'm so excited. Thanks for sharing. :)