Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wizard Wands...Fairy Wands...Magical Wands

This is such a simple craft to do and, paired with a wizard cape or hat, it makes for a fun gift too! I first made these for my nephew's birthday party...and they were a big hit! Depending on your kid's age, he or she can help with some and maybe even all of the steps. 

-sticks from the yard 
-acrylic paint
-glitter paint
-a small marble
-glitter hot-glue-gun glue and glue gun

Collect sticks! If you don't have good ones in your yard, go on a nature walk around town collecting some. The more twisty-turny they are the better! Make sure they are strong ones and won't break easily. Brush sticks off, gently removing any loose bark.

Paint! Most of my acrylics are not labeled "non-toxic" and they are permanent, so I did this step on my own. Sometimes I let L paint with acrylics, but I cover the kitchen counters and nearby appliances with garbage bags, cover the chair she stands on with a towel and make sure she's wearing her smock. You be the judge on this one! After the paint dries, apply another coat if needed and then paint with the glitter paint. 

You could stop here if you want and have a pretty awesome wand...I like to add the marble on top though to make it a little safer! 

Attach marble! Find a marble that's the right size and color you like. Old marbles are another great thing to find at antique stores...whenever we see a jar for a good price, we snatch em up. Using the hot glue gun, apply a little dab of glue at the tip of the stick and quickly push a marble in place. To secure the marble, apply more glue around the base and then make a little dripping effect down the wand. Plan on using about one whole glue stick per wand. And that's it!

Too easy, right? It's fun watching your kid's imagination soar while playing with their wand. L likes to think she can make the leaves of a tree dance or birds fly with hers. I always remind her of two rules though... #1: No hitting anything or anyone, and #2: No running with the wand. If you make a wand, please share your pics with us! I'd love to see what else you add...ribbons, jewels, etc. 

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