Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sunshine Experiment

We call this one the "sunshine experiment"'s an oldie, but a goodie. It's a great experiment to help kids learn about the harmful effects of the sun and why it's important to always wear sunscreen. L is only 2 years old and was surprised at the outcome, but didn't understand it 100%. I imagine a 4-year-old would get it and even a 10-year-old would have fun with the experiment. It's good for most ages! 

Materials needed:
-construction paper
-old cardstock or thin cardboard (just look in the recycling bin!)
-a handful of rocks
-a sunny day

First, have your child dig through the recycling bin to find some pieces of thin cardboard or card stock. (We love any reuse-recycle activity!)

Next, cut out some big and basic shapes. We went with a night sky theme and an under-the-sea theme.

Take the cardboard cutouts and a couple pieces of construction paper outside. In a sunny spot, arrange the cutouts on the paper.

To ensure that they don't blow away, put a few small rocks on top. Coins would work too! And now you have to wait and wait and wait...go for a walk, a swim, eat some lunch...wait a few hours.

Next is the best part...take the cardboard pieces off the paper and discover the picture left behind, all thanks to the sunshine!

I'm sure older kids could get really creative with this and make up their own themes and scenes. Fun times ahead!

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